December 17, 2017

Running-Related Injury Risk Screening

There are many factors related to running injuries. Other programs typically address one or two components, however, we believe that it is important to address all aspects of running.


Initial Assessment
  • Review past and current medical history
  • Running experience and previous running-related injuries
  • Running and fitness related goals
  • Orthopaedic assessment to address risk factors for running-related injuries
  • Running gait assessment that addresses biomechanical risk factors for running-related injuries

Orthopaedic Assessment Follow-Up
  • Review orthopaedic findings
  • Corrective exercises to address issues

Running Gait Assessment Follow-Up
  • Review findings
  • Biomechanical corrections

Training Program Educational Session
  • Training load variables
  • Monitoring training load
  • Structuring a training program
  • Continuous training versus interval training
  • Progressing a training program